Dubai Visa Requirement Information

Going to Dubai will be amazing experience. There are mainly tow types of visas one is visitor and another is business visa. Getting a visa for Dubai/UAE is not that critical. You should have your all required documents ready valid and handy. 

If you would like to travel to Dubai, You will surely require a visa to Dubai if you're not a National (Citizen) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The only restriction I can think of is that Dubai doesn’t let citizens of Israel in UAE. I will not get into the reasons here.

The superb news is that Dubai Visas are relatively trouble-free to obtain. Certain states that are within the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC) and citizens of selected countries don't require having a visa before entering Dubai.

For GCC states, no visa is needed to enter Dubai. For citizens of some selected nations like Australia and United States of America, you can get a Dubai Visa stamp upon getting into Dubai. It does not cost any money to obtain this stamp and it allows you to stay in Dubai for up to 90 days. Visitors from most other nations are allowed to stay for up to one month (30 days) in Dubai. These tourists usually require a local sponsor (like a business or hotel) in order to get Dubai Visa.

Dubai Visa Requirement
Your passport should be valid for a minimum of 3-6 months before you enter Dubai. Thus make sure you check your passport before planning your visit. Application or renewal of your passport will take some months.

Visitor Visa to Dubai
Visitor Visas are the most common Dubai Visas are given by the Dubai Government. Visitor visas are usually short term and are meant for travelers who would like to visit Dubai or go for commercial purposes. Whether or not you'll require a visa before going to Dubai depends on your country of origin and gets the citizenship. Like I told earlier if you are a citizen of the GCC, you don’t require a visa to enter Dubai.

Countries within the GCC include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. These nations have very close links with Dubai and share many political and religious perspectives. If you are just a resident of the GCC nations, you will get a thirty day Dubai visa upon getting into the Emirate.

Transit Visas
If you're simply passing by Dubai on your way elsewhere, you can get a Transit visa if you could display a connecting flight ticket with the same airlines or any other airlines. This visa is only a four day (96 hrs) visa however is just right for you if you are a tourist so that you can take some days and tour to Dubai.
This visa will be issued by any airline operating within the UAE and is free. Emirates will usually permit you a multiple day layover since the airline is based in Dubai. Very few airlines permit you this option thus use it anytime you can. Just think about this feature whenever you've got a layover in Dubai.

Don’t stay for long
You'll be deported if you overstay in Dubai for an excessive period of time. You visit may be forbidden for next time coming to Dubai. That’s why it is the best not to stay long.

If you overstay, you will be charged a punishment of approximately $25 per day. This range varies but normally ends at this amount. If you overstay for a long period of time, you'll be taken to the court and a penalty decision could be taken.

Where to get your visa
The official authority that manages visitor matters is the DNRD. The department is part of the Ministry of Interior. They control all Dubai Visa necessities including the procedures to get a Visa. Their decisions fluctuate all year long, particularly when Dubai is hosting an event and is expecting many visitors. Most visas are given at the Dubai International Airport upon arrival. I highly suggest visiting a UAE embassy close to you for the most updated Dubai Visa information or you can get help from any visa consultancy agent who is dealing in Dubai visa services.