How to Get a france Tourist Visathe most demanded by the enthusiastic visitors.

France is a country of the utmost tourism attraction with the consistent increase in the number of tourist demanded every year that has increased the demand in France Tourist Visa also. Not everyone requires it, rather it depends on the nationality from which you belong.

France is a beautiful country situated in the western part of the Europe and surrounded by the amazing landscape throughout. France has not only contributed in the self with the literature and great architecture style but it has been well known throughout the world. The rich history has been an area of interest for the world since a long past duration. According to a recent survey says that France has been top destination for tourists. The number of visitors to Paris the capital city is being continuously on the verge of a consistent increase since long.
But visiting to this such an incredible country is not an easy task. With the increasing demand for visitors the France Tourist Visa is under a great requirement and so is the increase in number of queries by the applicants. A visa required for the short term basis by the travelers up to the maximum duration of 90 days is called as the France Tourist Visa. Through this visa the tourist can freely move in the France country only.
If you are planning to visit France in that case you need to first of all determine your status of residence of the country and also the nationality of the country. As France is the part of the European Union country (EU) therefore all the citizens of EU country are exempted from visa along with that the other countries like United States, Canada, Japan and Australia are also exempted from the France Tourist Visa and can stay for a general purpose or tourism purpose up to the maximum of 90 days tenure.
The application process is a simpler one and involves the following few steps:
- Download the application form for France Tourist visa from the internet and fill the form with the relevant details without any cutting or over writing.
- The next step involves the collection of all the necessary documents that are must to be attached with the application form at the time of applying

- Now you have to combine all the documents and the application form together and keep them handy for the submission.
- Schedule the appointment with the nearest France Embassy or the simpler one involves hiring a visa agency and provide them with all the documents so far collected.
- The visa fees has to be deposited along with the form and the other documents at the time of applying only (in both the cases with or without visa agent)
- Visa can be approved or denied at the day of final appointment (the appointment is not necessary in case of applying via agency).
- You will receive your passport later if approved along with the visa stamp and if denied without stamp.
the whole process is time consuming and since we deposit the fees well in advance we need to be more cautious about the documentation to be accurate and recheck before finally submitting it. Because once there is any error detected, the application will get rejected and the money will be refunded to you.